Fillin' the Feedback Form

    improvised performance with analog hifi-mixers and computer

    In No-Input-Mixing, the outputs of a mixer are connected to its inputs, creating feedback loops. Various different sounds can emerge, with different volume faders now controlling pitch, rhythm and spectral features of a sound. Fillin’ the Feedback Form confronts this wild and often unpredictabil instrument with highly organised digital algorithms that try to tame it.

    @ Kunstverein Wesseling, 19.11.2020, as livestream from Antonia Grubers Solo Exhibition BIPOLAROID DISORDER

    Leave A Comment

    snare drum, electronics, soundfile, video

    My desperate attempt to collect “an internet full of opinions” lead to 995 Pages Of YouTube Comments In Alphabetical Order – at least I tried. Authorship and context are simply erased in this corpus, leaving space for imagination and recombination.

    Leave A Comment is build upon these opinions, trying to take them as serious as possible. A selection of comments was made, all including a time-tag linking to their anonymised original point of reference. They were incorporated into the piece, with the music constantly trying to satisfy all articulated wishes.

    Everybody is talking. Everybody? No, a small snare drum is patiently listening to all those interfering voices.

    @ pina bausch theater, essen-werden, 28.01.2020

    popstar deathmatch: katy vs. taylor

    improvised performance

    popstart deathmatch: katy vs. taylor is an improvised sonic wrestling match for two performers. All sampled sounds - except for the intro - are taken from recordings of katy perry (tim) and taylor swift (simon).

    @ CONTAINERKLANG#12 (kgnm), artheater, köln, 01.12.2019

    New Playlist

    bluetooth speaker, quadrophonic soundfile, video

    A singing bluetooth speaker is presented on a grotesquely large stage and is illuminated by a video projection composed of black and white planes only: New Playlist is a scenically presented fixed media piece. The playlist was selected exclusively for this special event, but the wifi connection breaks down. Reconnect! Next Track, please!

    @ pina bausch theater, essen-werden, 05.07.2019

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    fixed audio, 4-channel / ambisonics

    audio, 4-channel / ambisonics

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the sonic genetic manipulation of a cinematic Hollywood sample: In a recursive process, children and grandchildren with increasingly complex strands of DNA derive themselves from its extended gene pool and are lost one by one to the anarchy of white noise.